Sailing, takes me away

Yeah, I hope that song got stuck in your head, too. ‘Cause it was stuck in mine the entire time we were out on the boat.

Another article for 501 Life Magazine on the Greers Ferry Yacht Club, with the Lammers taking us out on their boat. It actually was quite fun. Not as frenetic as taking out a ski boat and blasting across the lake. Very relaxing. Bill even let me take the rudder and cruise across the lake.

I ended up with some fun stock-type imagery. It was a fun day, but it made me think I need a wider lens.

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2 thoughts on “Sailing, takes me away

  1. Great pics of the Lammers. I’m a grad student in his department. I am also loving your logo. Mmmm, sailing. Sounds so rejuvenating!

  2. It was very relaxing. By the end of it, I was contemplating seeing how expensive it would be to purchase and maintain a boat.

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