Illustrating wellness

Our theme for this month’s issue of 501 Life was “wellness,” and we debated among the team exactly how to illustrate that. One thought that came to mind for me was someone practicing yoga, perhaps on a mountaintop with a dramatic sky. I thought Petit Jean State Park might make for a great background, and we put the wheels into motion.

A couple of sticking points: a few on the staff were not sure about using a yoga cover, and an alternate cover was brainstormed as a backup. We chose one of the writers and his wife as our models, and decided an early Sunday morning would work for the shoot.

Well, a few more problems. Getting up at 4:30 for one, since we had to allow about 30-45 minutes travel time. Then, as I was pulling away, realizing that I had left a hose in our swimming pool, which in turn drained most of it into the front yard. Reconnect the hose, head for the rendezvous. Then, realizing I hadn’t briefed the models on how much time we needed to get to the park.

After a few minutes of fretting – and noticing the lightning popping above me – the models arrived and we left for the park. Found our spot, the sunrise was glorious for about 10 minutes. And then, it went dull. We hung out and milked the early morning light, but it was still a lot of worrying and prep for a 10 minute shoot.

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