Games kids play

I spotted him while we were walking through the small village of Koranteng. He was using two sticks to roll a tire between the small huts that passed for housing, having a great time.

I noticed a couple of other youngsters joining him, rolling the tires with sticks. One young man seemed to be missing pants, but had a shirt that mostly kept him covered. The rest of them were dressed in t-shirts and shorts, some with shoes, some without.

They disappeared for a while, but as we were making our way to a different part of the village, they came back and I photographed them as they went past.

I took several shots without noticing what they boy’s t-shirt said, until later when it was pointed out by Will, our congregational pastor:

“If it weren’t for video games, I’d never get out of bed!”

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3 thoughts on “Games kids play

  1. I was struck by that, Don. I remember my dad talking about playing a similar game with metal hoops and scrap lumber. I guess it’s universal.

  2. Hi Mike, I’m from Ghana, these are great shots. I work with The Multimedia Group and I’d like permission to use your pictures for a social media post to stir a bit of nostalgia. Thanks in advance.

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