The town of Nkwanta was about a six hour drive from the capitol city of Accra, where we landed after a 10-hour overnight flight. Two hours of the drive were on red dirt roads, rutted and almost impassable without a four-wheel-drive vehicle in places.

The population is about 11,000, and has a huge open-air market on Mondays. On other days, it’s still a busy little town, with the residents working to find a way to support their families. We were told that many subsist on wages that are equivalent to $2 a day in the U.S. However, very few people that we noticed were idled. Most were trying to find a way to support their families, including the owner of “The Pork Show”, a sidewalk seller of cooked pigs.

One constant: Coca-Cola products were everywhere. It was a reminder of the U.S., half way across the world. However, most of the products were lukewarm; refrigeration (and even electricity) seemed in short supply during our stay.

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