New Life school

We visited a church-supported school in Nkwanta, the New Life School. The first things that struck me about the school were the size and the facilities. The school was not large; it was one of several in the town of approximately 11,000. Each school had its own uniform, and this school featured either red and white-striped patterns or a brown and white gingham pattern. The facilities were primitive, at best.

The buildings were stucco and featured no electricity, no windows and no running water. The desks were wooden desks that looked like something my grandparents may have learned on. The kids, however, were friendly, inquisitive and happy. We arrived when they were taking their lunch, and the school menu included spaghetti over rice – with no utensils.

Trying to get a shot with only one child in it was almost impossible. When I focused on one kid, 20 suddenly appeared around him or her. But, their beautiful faces all made for great photos.

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