Petit Jean

I think Crystal, my wife, gets tired of hearing my complaining.

She nudges me when I complain about getting stuck in a photographic rut. She encourages me to post things on my blog, or to Flickr, or my web site.

She’s really good about those kind of things.

So, she saw an opening in our crazy schedule this weekend and decided to go photograph a sunset. Actually, she wanted to watch the sun set. She just allowed me to bring all of my camera gear along.

We made a quick blast to Petit Jean Mountain, which is one of the most beautiful places in the state. Our visit coincided with the annual Father’s Day car show, which meant there was a little more traffic than usual. The first overlook where Petit Jean’s grave is located was crawling with people, but really wasn’t in the right location for capturing a sunset anyway. So we moved.

Tried Mather Lodge at the trailhead of the Cedar Falls trail. Heavy construction going on prevented that.

We ended up at a nice overlook just down the road, blocked by a chain link fence which was low enough I could shoot over. That’s a benefit for being a lanky photographer.

Katie was at band camp, but Sarah, who dubbed herself the “Legendary Mountain Climber,” enjoyed hopping between the rocks while hoping the sun would go down quickly and allow her to watch the fireflies talk to each other.

It was an hour in the Arkansas outdoors, but worth every minute. Crystal perched on a rock and enjoyed the show, and I tried my best to play photographer.

It was fun.


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