Another sunset

We were at my parents’ lake house and Crystal reminded me it was Friday night. We had spent the last two Fridays chasing sunsets, and this one would be no different. Katie still hadn’t returned from Guatemala, so again it was just Sarah tagging along with us.

This one was tricky. I hadn’t explored Greers Ferry Lake around the house that well, even though I had hoped to do some photo work around that area. The first couple of possibilities turned out to be dead ends, and on a whim we turned down a road we had already passed.

Turns out, it was a semi-private beach and launching ramp. I got some photo advice from a cell-phone wielding local who told me I should line up a tree with the sunset, while Sarah just explored the area and got to know a woman with her dog that arrived after us. Crystal just hung out behind us and soaked it all in.

Tried to do a few things different, using a slow shutter speed, playing with angles, etc. until I got something I liked. The sky turned beautiful after the sun dipped behind the mountains in the distance.

It looks like we may have a standing date after this.


2 thoughts on “Another sunset

  1. Long time, Mike!
    It’s Weston from FC. I saw your blog link on some photos from Shannon Jeffery’s jewelry line she is wanting me to look at for my gift shop. What a small world!
    Crystal looks great (Christmas photos) and you are totally bald! Two beautiful young ladies are a great addition to your family!
    Your photos are beautiful. I will come back & browse when I am not at work!
    Good to have found you out here on the web!

    1. Hey Weston! Good to hear from you. It sure has been a while! Thanks for the compliments. Yes, two beautiful daughters who keep our lives interesting. Crystal’s doing well. I decided to try the bald look back in the summer, since my receding hair line meant that I had a five head in addition to a forehead. I like it, though, except my head keeps getting cold! Hope things are going well with you and yours!

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