Friday night at Lake Conway

We haven’t photographed Lake Conway yet, and it’s an area that I thought would lend itself to some really cool shots. It’s also an area that I haven’t explored that much, so this Friday we decided to see what we could find south of town.

Thanks to Google Maps, I was able to find a public fishing area that looked promising. It appeared to have a west-facing view, so we decided to get there early enough to bail to another location also found via the magic of the internets.

When we arrived, I figured out that the view wasn’t quite as good as I had initially thought. The road ended in a parking lot which led to a launch ramp, but the view to the east was partially blocked by some plants and access was limited by private land ownership and a rocky, uneven shoreline.

Nevertheless, I got as close as I could without getting completely soaked and took some angles of the setting sun. Yet another problem arose – a cell tower was very prominent near the left hand side of the frame. Crap.

Changed angle, cropped out the tower and carried on. The sun set really quickly, but once it went down the magic happened. The twilight skies highlighted a grove of cypress trees out in the water. I concentrated on those for the bulk of our time there.

It was a fun night. Crystal had the most fun photographing me rolling on the ground to get the angle I wanted with a recalcitrant tripod. You do what it takes.


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