Friday night at Palarm

Oh, Palarm, how do I love thee?
Wait. I don’t.
I had thought maybe a good spot would be where Palarm Creek flows into the Arkansas River. There’s a boat launch on the creek and is near the Plantation Subdivision, an upscale area south of Mayflower. Figured the park would be nice enough.
Pulled into the parking lot, this time with our entire family. We made our way down the walking trail, only to find a car running parked in the middle of the path. James – a friend of the family who also accompanied us – noticed that the car had a breathalyzer built in. Obviously, the redneck father and his two shirtless, scrawny sons had seen a few scrapes with the law.
We encountered them when we found the only spot we could find, which overlooked a concrete pad where the family was drinking/cussing/fishing/stumbling. Awesome.
After a while of colorful descriptions of why they were not catching fish, the drunken rednecks stumbled off. We took their spot on concrete pad, with me fretting over a large cloud that had built across the river, blocking the sun.
Strike two.
After working a few angles on the ramp, I noticed some stumps sticking out of the water to my right and decided to jump off the pad and down to the water’s edge. I was able to frame up the sunset with the stumps, using a flash to bring out some detail in the shadows.
While the sun was blocked by the cloud, it did cause it to shoot some orange rays from behind it, making for a really cool end to the day.
We trudged back to the minivan, only to encounter the drunken redneck and sons trying (in vain) to back the car up the walking path. Apparently, the elder had brought the sons to activate the breathalyzer to start the car, but he failed to teach the proper method for backing up a walking path. The young man tried swearing at the car, his father and the others standing around watching, but apparently that didn’t work, either.
We made our way around and got out as quickly as possible as two other cars arrived. It got kinda scary in a hurry.


2 thoughts on “Friday night at Palarm

  1. All I can say when I look at your photography is that I am in awe and inspired — you have been truly blessed by God with a talent I cannot begin to describe–along with a lot of work on your part to develop that talent! These are breath-taking. Wish I had a gallery to buy your work and display it. Thank you for sharing …

    1. Thanks for the kind words! We’re weighing making a run past Marshall to see if we could get the vista you mentioned.

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