Breaking a dry spell

View from Two Rivers bridge

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve added an entry from our Friday night sunsets. Last week, we were on the road to Branson. I gave it a valiant try, but just couldn’t find a position to safely take a shot. This weekend, Crystal was helping with the Faulkner County Youth Institute retreat. I thought about heading to Pinnacle Mountain, but just didn’t want to do it without her, since she helped kick this off.

So, two Fridays in a row, denied.

She got back Saturday, but the motivation wasn’t there. Tonight, she had to go to church for some training and I decided to take her. My little Olympus E-PL1 was over my shoulder, looking for an opportunity to take some photos.

I dropped her off and headed for Cycle Gear to check out some helmets, gloves, boots, or whatever else I could find. They were closed. Bummer.

Found a Barnes and Noble, kicked around looking at photo books, but not taking any photos. Once it was time to pick her up, I headed back toward west Little Rock noticing a beautiful opening in some clouds that was allowing the sun to blast through.

Did a little photo walking around the church parking lot while I was waiting, wishing I had just gone to Two Rivers Park while I was waiting. And, also getting hungry.

Crystal ran a little late, but when she came out, I decided to push back dinner to head for Two Rivers Park with her. The park was pretty crowded with cyclists, pedestrians and others getting a stroll through the lush park. I was also amused that there were several people with cameras, including one guy with a tripod-mounted DSLR shooting the sunset over Pinnacle Mountain.

Truth be told, we were a little late in arriving, as the sun had already set, but the afterglow provided for some really beautiful colors in the sky. My little mirrorless camera fared well, although I wish I had brought my adapter that could have allowed me to mount my Nikon lenses to the camera. The Olympus lens just wasn’t quite long enough.

The great thing was just hanging out with Crystal there. A storm front had moved through, and cooled the temperatures down from the 100+ degree temperature felt earlier to about 80 degrees. A nice breeze blew the entire time we were there, and Crystal had not been on the bridge yet. After getting a few shots, we stood and watched the colors fade before we headed home. Our dinner was late, but worth the wait.


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