Five minute portrait

Did the official portrait of UCA president Dr. Allen C. Meadors a couple of weeks ago, and did it in five minutes flat.
I was called to his office for a new portrait session, and I wanted to travel light. I took a couple of shoe mount flashes, stands and an umbrella to keep things simple. I had wanted to do a few shots inside and then move to an outside location, but the temperatures were already approaching triple digits that morning and I wasn’t sure how willing he would be to stand in the heat in a suit and tie.
When I arrived at his office, he walked through the foyer and asked, “Are we ready?” His brisk walk, as well as his questioning of how long it would take, let me know he really would not sit still for too long for the shot. Fine by me.
We chatted as I set up the lights; one flash behind a shoot-through umbrella initially. After a few shots and a slight pose change, I added the second light behind and at an angle as a separation light. In short order, we were finished and he went back to his work as I packed up.
Back at the office, I glanced at the metadata in the files and noticed that from the time I took my first shot to the time I took the last was exactly five minutes. Probably a 10-minute session, counting set up and tear down.
I was pleased with the results, although I still would have liked to be able to try an additional location. Overall, though, not bad for five minutes’ worth of work.


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