Okay, the last sunset. I think.

I figured our Friday nights would be taken up with high school football (Katie’s in the band, you know). But, we got away to the lake house for Katie’s birthday with five or six (or a hundred, they’re teenagers, it seems like that many) and I had my little Olympus camera in tow. Right before dinner, Crystal noticed that the sky had turned a brilliant color.

I had been watching it, and it was actually kind of dull when the sun dipped below the horizon. About 15 minutes later, though, the sky had turned beautiful shades of crimson and blue. I knew I had to act fast, as the colors would be changing quickly and my window to escape the teenagers would be rapidly closing!

I’m kidding. About the teenagers. Well, until the next morning, when they all decided to sleep in the living room . . . blocking my route to the coffee pot . . .

Anyway, I grabbed the camera and headed across the street. The slab of a house that had been demolished by a tornado a couple of years prior made for a nice clearing where I could get a quick shot of the sunset. I actually used some benches on the abandoned deck of the house for a camera support.

It seems the summer has disappeared as quickly as a sunset. We try to hang on to a lasting image of the sunset before it fades, and generally the photographs can’t do them justice. This summer has been no different, fading and disappearing long before we wanted it to end.

I’m really glad that Crystal thought of this series; it’s been so much fun. We’ve been able to hang out and appreciate the beauty of the area around us. I wonder what she’ll come up with for next year?


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