Happy Mother’s Day

Crystal wanted our Mother’s Day gifts to her to be something we made this year. I missed out on making a card, so maybe I can make up for it here.


Those of you who know Crystal know what a strong, wonderul woman that she is. What you don’t see is her every day routine of getting up super early to make it to the gym daily, yet still making the sure the kids are fed, groomed, loved and prepared for the day. Most of the heavy lifting of the family logistics falls on her shoulders, which I am eternally grateful for. I can’t imagine that we would ever arrive anywhere we were supposed to without her planning and input.

She gives so much. Her heart reaches out to so many. I so greatly admire the compassion she shows to the homeless, the time she spends building into youth, and the friendships that she nurtures. I am a better person because of her influence.

But, this is a day for mothers. She never really considered herself mother material. I’m not sure how she could ever think otherwise, since she has done a wonderful job raising two beautiful, smart, talented girls. I am eternally grateful for her; she loves her girls deeply and they reflect some wonderful qualities by sharing her dna.

Happy Mother’s Day, Crystal. You are a wonderful mom.

Oh, and I wish I had a photo of her without my goofy mug sticking in. This was from our cruise this year. I promise better portraits of her soon.



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