Film – yes, film

Such a pretty girl . . .

So, this adventure started out as something totally different.

A friend had a need for some rolls of film to hang as decoration. I wanted to give her some, but figured I could shoot something on them so that they wouldn’t be blank. Problem is, when you take the film to Walgreen’s and tell them not to cut the negatives, they don’t always do what you say. Sigh.

At any rate, I wanted to take some decent shots, and Katie was obliging. It had been a while since I worked with film, but another project (which will get posted later) has led me to start dabbling in it again. It’s a totally different project.

Working with film forces you to slow down, to think about things in a more contemplative manner. You can spray hundreds or thousands of pixel-based images in the hopes of getting the right one. You’re limited to 36 shots at the most, and you’re paying every time the shutter fires. Think of a cash register ringing for every shot and you get the picture.

It was a good exercise for me, and Katie enjoyed it to (I think). I got some personal satisfaction in portraits that we made together, and it has given me a kick in the butt to get out and do some more projects like this.


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