She wanted a sunset portrait


No problem, I said. After all, I did one for her sister a few years back.

However, looking at my schedule, I had somewhere else to be. Hmmm.

No problem, I countered. Would it be okay to shoot a sunrise instead? I think we could make that work.

Granted, I was a little nervous about that. After all, Sarah’s a teenager. These were her senior portraits. She might not really like the idea of getting up at the crack of dawn, on a Saturday to boot.

However, she was game. Sure, her dad (who was handling her schedule) said. We’ll meet around 7.

Meeting place and time established, I went to bed the night before thinking we would knock out a sunrise portrait.

I didn’t bother to look at the weather.

I woke to an overcast, foggy day. The optimist in me said the sky could break, the fog could clear, we could still get this in. The realist in me started wondering if the family would balk.

So, I started hatching a plan.

Years of working for a newspaper has helped prepare me for situations that are out of my control. I’ve walked into nondescript rooms many, many times and tried to create something unique with paper clips, soda cans and tape.

So, stop, Mike. Breathe.

I’ve always wanted to work with this pedestrian bridge. The fog is making everything kinda gray and depressing, but if I mess with the white balance and gel the flash . . .

I had my plan.

A little play with the white balance and a couple of quick test shots and prayers, I had my setup. We worked this for a little while until we moved on to the next location, and took advantage of the overcast conditions for the rest of the morning.

Ironically, the sun came out later and made a pretty decent sunset. Oh, well.


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