Hey! I’m still over here!


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me.

Just a quick post to show what I’ve been up to lately. School year’s winding down, so I’ve had some last-minute senior shoots, including the one with Trae that’s featured at the top of this post. He’s a big reader, but not really into having a portrait taken. I posed him with some of his books, but asked him if he had a favorite. He produced a Harry Potter book, and I happened to notice a very-Potterish-looking tree nearby. Combined with some fun lighting, it made for my favorite shot of the session.

I’ve also done some work for my buddy Rob who produces Hendrix magazine. Two different stories on female alums who operate very successful businesses in the area. It’s always fun to work with him and seeing how well my work is treated in the publication.

Also had a fun evening session with my cousin and her children. It was actually for her daughter, who needed headshots for a beauty pageant, but her young son kept insisting that he needed a headshot, too. It was a fun, quick little shoot!

I’ve got more to come. I’m still here!


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