A day for mom


I love this photo.

Three beautiful girls captured in a moment of laughter. Never mind that the laughter was caused by a belch by one of those beautiful subjects, who will go unnamed. You know who you are, and I realize that you learned it from me.

The wonderful thing about the photo isn’t the lighting, the composition, or even as much the subject matter (although I think it’s the best subject matter around). It’s more the feeling of joy that I get from remembering that moment, the laughter, the joy that became digitized in that brief moment.

It’s what I love about my family. Crystal and the girls have a wonderful sense of humor, although all three of them have very different approaches to their humor. But, when the laughter flows, it’s wonderful. Sometimes it’s around the dinner table. Other times, it’s on a drive. It even happens at different events that we may be attending; it’s sometimes kind of awkward when it happens in church.

But, still, the joy is there.

And a lot of that is due to the mother of my children. She’s so resilient yet persistent in providing an atmosphere of love and support for the girls. She is their biggest cheerleader and supporter. She pushes them to achieve greater things, even when they don’t feel they could or should.

It’s not always easy. Many life lessons have been learned along the way, and we continue to learn them as we move forward. It’s honestly been a tough couple of years. Deaths, careers, relationships that change and other pressures that come with marriage and parenting have been navigated. Through it all, Crystal has maintained a strength that I admire and I hope that our children have learned to help them throughout their life journey.

I know by watching her, I’ve learned a great deal as well. And, I’m a better person for it.

This sitting was supposed to be a surprise for her. But, as many thing that happen in life, it just didn’t work out that way. At the end of the day, I asked her to tag along with us to be my “assistant”. I really wanted to give her an updated portrait of the two girls, since they have changed so much since the last time we had the two of them together. Since she was there anyway, we decided to do a couple of shots of her with the girls. I thought when the final prints are made, she might enjoy having some photos with the girls. I’m really glad she did come along, especially when we can capture a moment of life like this one.

Even if it was triggered by a burp.

Happy Mother’s Day to Crystal, as well as all of the mothers out there. You’re very admired and appreciated.



3 thoughts on “A day for mom

    1. Thanks! I stink at gift giving, but I can tell the world about what a great wife and mother to my children.

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