It’s all about the light

DSC_0115Well, at least that’s the best place to start.

You really need a good looking subject, too.

I had a fun shoot recently with James, a guy who my family has known for quite some time. He’s crashed on our couch plenty of nights while his mother worked overnight and has become more like a family member than a friend of the family. His whole family holds a soft spot in our heart, so I wanted to do something cool for his portraits.

I tried to limit myself somewhat with this session. I tend to drag a lot of camera gear and lighting equipment with me, but I tried to keep it simple with this one. I used two lenses and all available light, supplemented or re-directed as needed with a reflector held expertly by his younger cousin.

Placing some limitations on myself actually aided me, I think. The light was beautiful that evening, so why try to manufacture something when I already have a great base to work with?

Fun moment: I showed James some of the shots as we went along, and I stopped at one point to show him what we had done so far, and said, “See? You look good!”

To which he replied, “You know, I do!”

Such a humble guy!


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