It was a Friday. And, it’s summer. So, sunsets.


I really hadn’t planned on resurrecting the Friday night sunsets, but I did want something to do with Crystal and the girls on Friday nights this summer. Which is why we went to Petit Jean this past Friday.

Initially, it was just for dinner. We hadn’t been to Mather Lodge since its remodel and wanted to get a bite. Why not load up and go?

It was just the two of us at first, thinking the girls wouldn’t be all that interested. However, when we asked them to tag along, they leapt at the chance.

Dinner was good; the lodge has a great view of the Cedar Creek valley. We ate and laughed and watched as the sun dipped lower and lower toward the horizon, although photographing the sunset still wasn’t really a big part of our plans.

We went to the Cedar Falls overlook and wandered around there. The wildflowers were in bloom, and the girls pined about how they wanted to hike down to the falls. Unfortunately, daylight was fading and we weren’t keen on hiking out in the dark.

So, it was decided to go back to the lodge and watch the sunset, but changed our mind once we got in the car. We decided to go to the roadside vista where we actually kicked off our summer project two years prior.

The girls bounced from rock to rock, checking out the views and watching the sun dip. I had the camera on my side, so I couldn’t resist just a few shots as the sun dipped.

As it turned out, the sunset was great. The sky turned orange as the sun dipped to the horizon. We stayed until the oranges turned to deep blues, heading down the mountain as darkness crept in.

It was a great way to kick off our summer. Maybe more sunsets to come.


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