Skipping around


I’m being kind of erratic this summer. We have actually done a couple of different trips, and I’m trying something different with last week’s trip to Mt. Nebo. Seems that destination always brings some interesting stories, and this time was no exception.

But, this Friday’s trip was close to home, out to Cadron Settlement Park. I also failed to post an earlier trip out there, although the skies weren’t quite as pretty then as they were tonight. This also wasn’t the best night for me. The leftovers from our Independence Day gathering were sitting pretty heavy on my stomach, so we made a last minute switch to stay close to home.

Driving out, I thought we actually had waited too late. The sun was lower in the sky than I anticipated, but I figured this would be an evening just to enjoy the company of Crystal and Sarah.

The sunset was really pretty, and I took a smaller mirrorless camera to enjoy the outing rather than feeling pressured to really produce something great. Not that the camera wasn’t capable; maybe my attitude shift and I relax when I have that camera in my hand.

At any rate, the sun turned a pretty blood red as it dipped low, and it was nice to just feel the presence of Crystal and Sarah after being stymied during last week’s outing. But, that’s another story for another time.


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