Senior? Already?

Seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, a tiny bundle that we knew very little about nurturing. Fortunately, we knew enough about loving that she made it through just fine.

This is round one of her portraits. I’m hoping we get to do a few more, since we ran out of time to do some themed shots she wanted to do. Actually, I want to photograph her several more times this year, but I think that’s just to try to freeze this last year with us before she leaves the nest to find her own way.

Okay, about the session: these were all shot in a park that is actually split by the Arkansas River. We did some portraits on a sand bar, and then some in the park itself with her favorite books and her music. Our favorites, though, were the ones she did with her practice flag from color guard.

She wanted to do those in an open field, and as we were getting later into the session I kept watching the light to make sure it didn’t go away before we could get to a field I had picked across town. However, the light started slipping away and I quickly made a plan B: the crops that were also bordering the park.

Fortunately, one of those was a freshly-harvested corn field that gave us a nice open area with a beautiful sunset in the background. Did I mention the sky really decided to cooperate? As I saw the sunset happening, we quickly jumped in the minivan and roared over the field, dodging a tractor and truck parked in that field.

Overall, I felt I got some great shots of one of my favorite subjects!


One thought on “Senior? Already?

  1. Mike — She’s beautiful! They are great photos — how can you go wrong with her as the subject (she favors Crystal). The sunset is fabulous. While I think they are good — I “liked” my favorites.

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