A year in the making

Shooting a season magazine cover generally means working pretty well in advance. Sometimes, that means waiting for a year for the finished product.

I photographed Hunter about this time last year for the November 501 Life Magazine cover. We were trying to illustrate a fall scene that would include people enjoying the outdoors. We obviously needed fall colors, but settled on a child playing in leaves for our model. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look far.

A co-worker’s son fit the bill. He loved being outside and was a cute little guy, to boot. Once we settled on the model and wardrobe, we had to do a little location hunting. We found a line of trees in a subdivision that fit the bill perfectly and set out for the shoot.

The day of the shoot, it was overcast, which actually worked in my favor; fall colors are often more intense on cloudy days, plus it eliminated some of the harsh shadows that I would normally deal with. My “crew” consisted of Hunter’s mom as well as the publisher of the magazine, who acted as my assistant (meaning, she held the reflector and helped in throwing leaves at our model!)

We really didn’t have to pose or direct much; Hunter did what kids do in fall leaves, and I shot away.

In about 20 minutes, I knew we had several different looks to pick from so we called it a day. The hard part was convincing Hunter’s mom not to hit social media with the images I shared with her. We didn’t want to reveal the cover too soon!


2 thoughts on “A year in the making

    1. Thanks, Suzy! I use a Nikon D300, which actually is a discontinued model, replaced by the Nikon D300s. I really love the camera for the way it feels and shoots. It does everything I need, which is one reason I haven’t upgraded yet. I have always shot with Nikons, so I lean toward them, but there are several camera manufacturers that make great cameras. I would recommend looking at the Nikon D5300, depending on your skill level. The 7100 is also a great choice.

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