Playing favorites

GIRLSret-0225Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy.

No, really. I look at the same images over and over again, until often, I hate them.

And it’s really not that they’re bad images. My own insecurities can get the best of me, until I start seeing technical imperfections in all of my work. Or, I walk away thinking about how I could have improved on an image. Different lens, different light, different angle, and why didn’t I just walk them over a few steps?

It’s not really productive. Certainly not for the photographers’ psyche.

But then, there are times where it’s good to look back at what you’ve done and say, “Hey, I did that!” In the course of a year, I can compile a lot of images and forget about how I felt at the time I made the exposure. So, while my look back at 2013 may not be a greatest hits of all of my best work, it’s certainly a collection of images that made me happy at the moment I took them, or when I paused to check them on the LCD monitor on the camera back. How did we do that when we were shooting film, anyway?

So, in no particular order I present some of the images that made me happy during the past year. Their inclusion may result because of a problem solved in photographing it or some hoops I had to jump through to make it happen, but many of them just had great stories or fun times in the process of creating them. I hope to have many more to share in the upcoming years.

Well, total disclosure: the photo at the top of the blog is probably my favorite of the year. Proof positive of the power of a belch in evoking a great moment.


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