“She looks like a princess”

JESS2-4750I told her that she looked like a princess. She laughed and blew off the remark.

But, the young bride-to-be really did remind me of a Disney princess, with dark hair and brown eyes. I expected her to break into a song while animated birds flew down out of the trees and lit on her shoulders, joining her in song.

It was the first bridal shot I’ve done in a while. My attention has been concentrated in other areas of photography, but when she told me her photographer canceled at the last minute, I really felt compelled to photograph her wedding. She and her fiancee were both very nice people, so I knew I had made the right call.

Besides, she had already taken engagement photos and didn’t need a bridal session.

But, found out later, her mom really wanted a bridal session . . .

We quickly put one together, and she brought an added bonus: a dress of her grandmother’s that she wore in some of the portraits to surprise her dad.

We photographed at a local college which made for a really beautiful setting. Her smile and easy demeanor made for great portraits, so I told her she looked like a princess.

Her response was along the lines of yeah, right.

So, she made the change from her grandmother’s dress into her wedding gown. The location being open to the public, we had to work around a few people milling about in the background, which included a mother and her young daughter who walked into the background in the middle of one of the shots.

Realizing what was going on, they quickly moved through and apologized. No problem, we continued on.

The duo walked around a planter and ended up behind me, when I heard the little girl say to her mother, “She looks like a princess.”

Told you!


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