Trust your cape

SARAH_SCOOTERI was recently introduced to a song by Guy Clark called “The Cape”.

It’s about a young boy standing on the roof with a cape tied around his neck. He thinks the cape gives him the ability to fly. Of course, the first time it comes with predictable results.

The song follows that same young man as he ties that cape around his dreams. He swallows his fear and pursues those dreams with the same abandon he did when he jumped off the garage.

As an old man, he’s still jumping off the garage. Ignoring conventional wisdom, he continues to make those leaps of faith.

He did not know he could not fly, and so he did, the lyrics say.

I’m feeling like that guy.

I’ve always been a photographer. It’s what I know. Sometimes, it feels like that’s all I know – especially when something around the house needs to be repaired.

I feel like in all those years I have attained a certain level of competency. I’ve done a variety of work, from photojournalism to studio work to marketing and public relations.

My current job is comfortable; I get along well with my co-workers, but I find myself dreaming about other possibilities.

I have added side work, which has been very satisfying. I added teaching assignments. I began to wonder what else might be out there, and as such I started working toward opening my own business.

Business ownership is a whole new world that is not comfortable. A steady paycheck is hard to walk away from for the uncertainty of the monthly whims of a small business. Photography can be very seasonal, depending on the discipline you pursue.

My perspective has changed in the past five years. The death of my dad, sister and an uncle I greatly admired in that span of time has made me really consider what my priorities are, and if the path I’m on is the one that I want to pursue.

I have decided it’s time to trust my cape.

As such, Mike Kemp Photography is now my full-time gig.

If you read these words and question my leaving a perfectly good, comfortable position to go after something that’s largely unknown, scary and unpredictable, you are not alone. I have asked those questions too. But, the excitement I feel for this venture has led to me putting on my cape and preparing for launch.

So here I am, asking for your business. And, if there’s something that you have been dreaming of doing, I encourage you not to be afraid.

Spread your arms, hold your breath, and always trust your cape.


8 thoughts on “Trust your cape

      1. Yes, Tracy, it is scary, but I want to be an example for my daughters and to live like there’s no tomorrow. This year showed me that there are no guarantees; I don’t want to leave this world with regrets. And, if you need some photos, you know a guy, right?

  1. Mike, I am so excited for you! And I admire your ability (and Crystal’s) to trust your cape! You are so talented – great opportunities and adventures will follow! Wishing you an incredible journey!

  2. Way to go, brother. So happy for you that you could trust your cape but I know that you have a big cape that will hold a lot of air and with it you will sail! Peace and happiness be with you always.

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