Where it all began

I have wanted to do work for my alma mater for quite some time now.

Being able to provide a service to an institution that set my feet on the path that I now travel was a great payback. I love Lyon College. I made lifelong friends there, including my absolute best friend and confidant. As an added bonus, I married her.


I discovered the love of photography in the media center that was beneath the library. Renee Berry’s summer photography class followed a freshman year that could be charitably described as academically dismal, and the hook was set. Countless hours were spent exploring my craft in the darkroom which eventually moved to the Alphin Building.

In that building, not only did I discover photography, but I explored writing in my journalism classes. Dr. George Chlebak introduced me to art. Dr. Charles Oliver exposed me to Faulkner and a litany of other writers. My fraternity – and really, the campus as a whole – introduced me to community and what it means to be a part of that.

When I launched my business earlier this year, I gave my contacts at the college a call to let them know what was going on. We sat down for a meeting to discuss their needs and settled on a date to spend a day photographing the campus.

Being on campus as a student nearly 30 years removed gives you an interesting perspective. The marketing director is considerably younger than me, and I really struggled not to sound like his dad as I pointed out the “new” buildings and how much the campus has changed since I left. Truth be told, it’s changed for the better – possibly because I left.

The campus is beautiful. At this time of year, the trees and flowers were in their spring prime, enticing to students who might want to skip a class to enjoy a beautiful afternoon. I never had that urge, of course.


We did several posed set ups, as well as grabbing shots of willing participants as we found students studying or enjoying a lunch break. It was a full day of shooting, which also included a quick portrait of two retiring faculty members for the cover of the alumni magazine.

It was fun to go back to my roots for a day. Of course, I highly recommend the school to anyone looking for a world-class liberal arts education as well as a wonderful social experience. I love my alma mater.

And, I did resist the urge to throw rocks at Crystal’s dorm window to get her attention so she would let me in.






4 thoughts on “Where it all began

  1. it’s wonderful to go back to a place where you discovered your passion. The campus looks so different to me, almost foreign. Lovely photos.

    1. If you ever get on campus, you’ll see enough of what we remember to get a sense of place. It has definitely changed, but remained the same as well.

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