What a year it’s been.


This year, I tried to find my groove.

Two years in to being a full-time freelance photographer and I’m still finding my way. Which is okay; I knew going in that things would be pretty fluid, which is part of the fun. I took on a lot of different assignments which allowed me to highlight my flexibility and breadth of experience.

I even added some video projects to my wheelhouse. I’m learning, but it’s fun and I’m really beginning to embrace that type of job.

Over the course of the year I had several assignments that produced some images I was really proud of. I’m often reluctant to tell my clients which of the photos are my favorites, since I tend to geek out over different things than they would. Usually, lighting and mood tend to sway my choices, while parents look for expression, designers look for composition, and editors look for what they feel tells the story the best.

I’m going to share a few that were my favorites. Actually, there are some that I left out, since I realized I had too many to keep you guys that interested for that long. I love the variety of work that I was fortunate to get this year, and I’m looking forward an equally varied 2017.


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